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Thunderbird Electric Fence options for the Hobby Farmer and the Professional

We are the Australian specialist in all things to do with electric netting. Our Thunderbird electric fence options are all based around electric netting imported from Germany combined with Australian made Thunderbird electric fence energisers.

We offer an unrivalled number of Thunderbird electric fence kits – everything from 200m plus “Heavy Duty” poultry netting kits for the professional free range chicken farmer to 25m lighter grade “Standard” poultry netting for the urban hobby block.

How does electric netting stop predators?

Poultry netting is made from polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (apart from the bottom base line). The net is mounted on PVC posts. To ‘charge’ the electric fence a Thunderbird energiser is connected to the net and to the ground via an earth stake. This forms an open circuit. When the predator touches the poultry netting they close the curcuit and get the electric shock. This shock frightens the predator away as they have no understanding of what just happened to them.

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Thunderbird Electric Fence Kits - Selected Products

Thunderbird Electric Fence Kit - 200m Goat Netting

When it comes to electric netting we are Australia’s leading specialist importer. We have an unrivalled set of options to make sure that your Thunderbird electric fence suits your personal requirements.

For the professional farmer we are able to offer the 200m Thunderbird electric fence for goats. The fencing kit has a choice of two different grades of electric netting –

  1. The “Stiffened” goat netting which is suited to rough terrain and fencing areas full of underbrush or
  2. The “Standard” goat netting which is fine for flat pastures.

Both Thunderbird electric fence kits are powered by a Thunderbird Solar Fence Energiser. The base model energiset that comes with this kit is the S75B whcih can power up to 10km of wire (or 200m of netting). Energiser upgrades are of course available.

To buy now or investigate your other options click on the link below.

Thunderbird Electric Fence Kit 200m Goat Netting

Thunderbird Electric Fence Kit - 50m Poultry Netting

And secondly we have products like Thunderbird electric fence kit based on a 50m roll of electric netting and a S28B Solar energiser. This kit is perfect if you are looking for a small Thunderbird electric fence to protect your flock from dogs or foxes, or even just to keep your poultry confined into a particular section of the garden.

If you do not need 50m of poultry netting then you may find that 25m will be sufficient. Our 25m roll of poultry netting is the perfect size for an urban backyard or small holding to protect a flock of a dozen or so birds.

Based around our Geman made poultry netting, this kit somes with a variety of options including energiser upgrades and various netting post sizes.

To protect your poultry from predators consider this high quality Thunderbird electric fence. Feel free to click through and choose.

Thunderbird Electric Fence Kit 50m Poultry Netting