Electric Poultry Netting – 25m


Electric Fence for Poultry

We are proud stockists of Hotline Electric Chicken Fence Products. We sell products that are manufactured in Europe and come with 12 months warranty. A 25 m roll of electric poultry netting can be used to form a square and therefore enclose an area of approximately 36 square meters. You can purchase multiple lengths of electric poultry netting and link them together to form larger enclosures.

Height and Post Options

The netting is 120 cm tall posts, 13mm post thickness, 7mm double prong.

We are the only seller in Australia who gives you this level of choice and therefore we have the best chance of meeting your needs.

Double Prong

The idea behind double prong posts is to allow you to push the posts into the ground using your boots rather than your hands. This is much easier, I’m sure you will agree!


Our electric poultry fencing is green which gives the fence a low visual impact by blending into the local environment.

What is included in the box?

All of our 25m rolls of Electric Poultry Netting include 9 posts (which are part of the net when you open the box, but the posts can be moved to allow you to customise the shape of your enclosure), ground pins (which are used to hold the bottom line of the net to the ground so that nothing can go under the net), 4 corner guys (to tension the corners of your enclosure) and a repair kit (to fix the net in case a line is accidentally cut).

How does this electric fence function?

The net is manufactured from polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (apart from the bottom base line). The net is mounted on PVC posts. To ‘charge’ the net an Energiser is connected to the net and to the ground via an earth post. This forms an open circuit. The energiser is a separate item and does not form part of this listing. If you do not already have an energiser then please consider purchasing one of our Electric Poultry Netting Kits.

When an animal comes into contact with the net and ground it completes an electric circuit and gets a shock. Note the net itself does not need to be erected in a loop and can be erected in a straight line. The Energiser produces a high voltage pulse approximately once every second. Foxes, like most animals, investigate unfamiliar additions to their environment and it is at this point that the shock is delivered. Although the net is not of insurmountable height, once the animal has been shocked the net will be a sufficient enough psychological barrier and the animal will be highly unlikely to attempt to breach it.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 130 cm
Include a Hot Gate

No Hot Gate, Yes, a 120cm Hot Gate

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