Electric Poultry Netting Kit – 25m



Important Notice:
All Energiser options are powerful enough for this kit combination, although Nemtek energisers are preferred for Southern Australia especially in winter.



This is the perfect place to start if you want all the essentials in a simple kit and to save money and freight by buying it all at once. Our 25m electric netting kit is designed to make your first electric netting purchase as simple as possible. This kit includes everything you need for a complete set up and allows you to free range your poultry without having to worry about predators.

The kit consists of – one x 25m roll of netting, one energiser and one earth stake as defined below.

Electric Poultry Netting

We are proud stockists of Hotline Electric Fence Products. All of the products that we sell are manufactured in Europe and come with 12 months warranty. A 25 m roll of electric poultry netting is the standard length of netting. It can be used individually to enclose an area of approximately 36 square meters. Or you can purchase multiple lengths of electric poultry netting and link them together to form much larger enclosures

Double Prong

The purpose behind double prong posts is to allow you to push the posts into the ground using your boots rather than your hands. This is much easier I’m sure you will agree!


All of our electric poultry fencing is green which gives the fence a low visual impact by blending into the local environment.



There are a number of different energisers that can be purchased as part of this kit. the issue is that for each customer the choice of energiser depends on a number of factors including the climate in which you live, your expectations and how often you use the kit. To give you a full understanding of the options that are available please refer to our Energiser Selection Blog Post Here. Once you have read this post, please make your selection in the menu items above or call us if you need any further assistance with energiser selection.


Energiser Warranties:

Nemtek Brand 2 Years warranty
JVA Brand 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Thundebird Brand 2 Year Warranty
All Excludes Lightning damage

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 150 × 25 × 25 cm
Energiser Type

Hotline Fire Drake 34, JVA SV2, Sunrise 6km Solar

Include a Fence Tester?

No Fence Tester, Yes Fence Tester

Include a Hot Gate?

No Hot Gate, Yes, a 120cm Hot Gate

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