Electric Poultry Netting Kit – 200m



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If you want to make your first electric netting purchase as simple as possible then this premium quality electric netting kit is designed for you. It includes everything you need for a complete set up and allows you to free range your poultry without having to worry about predators.

The kit consists of – four x 50m rolls of netting, one energiser and one earth stake.

Electric Poultry Netting

We are proud stockists of Hotline Electric Fence Products. All of the products that we sell are manufactured in Europe and come with a 2 year warranty. A 50 m roll of electric poultry netting i s the standard length of netting. It can be used individually to enclose an area of approximately 150 square meters. Or you can purchase multiple lengths of electric poultry netting and link them together to form much larger enclosures.

Height and Post Options

To serve our customers better, we have three different models of electric netting. Please note that all three models use exactly the same netting material.

The difference is entirely in the height and thickness of the posts. The three different options we stock are –

  • Standard – 110 cm tall posts, 13mm post thickness, 7mm thick double prong.
  • Tall – 120 cm tall posts, 15mm post thickness, 7mm double prong.
  • Heavy – 120cm tall posts, 19mm post thickness, 8mm double prong.
  • Self Earthing – Same as the Heavy posts but wired so that no Earth Stakes are required.

Electric netting made with heavy duty posts (19mm thick) are not available from any other seller in Australia, as we get it made to our custom requirements. If in doubt, ask for the measurements of the posts in writing before you purchase.

Double Prong

The purpose behind double prong posts is to allow you to push the posts into the ground using your boots rather than your hands.  This is much easier I’m sure you will agree!


All of our electric poultry fencing is green which gives the fence a low visual impact by blending into the local environment.

The green electric poultry nets have 12 horizontal strands of which 11 are electrified. The top strand is 80% stronger than the rest of the strands to ensure your netting maintains its integrity. Either or both ends of the fence can be connected to the energiser and to the net can be run either in a straight length or looped back to form an enclosed area. Fence lengths can easily be connected to form longer runs. Each 50m fence incorporates 14 plastic posts with steel dual-prong feet. All the above nets come with ground skewers to keep the fence tighter to the ground in undulating areas. The Stanard and Tall nets also included the plastic corner pegs. The 120cm electric poultry nets has this mesh spacing – 2*20cm, 2 *15cm, 3*10cm, 4*5cm. Vertical mesh spacing is 7.5cm.


Energiser Warranties:

Nemtek Brand 2 Year Warranty
JVA Brand 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Thundebird Brand 2 Year Warranty
Hotline Brand 2 Year Warranty
All Excludes Lightning damage


How to Setup

Interested in know how to set up your electric fence.
Watch the video below:

Post Size

Standard (110cm high, 13mm posts), Tall (120cm high,15mm posts), Heavy (120cm high,19mm posts), Heavy (Self Earthing, 120cm high, 19mm posts)

Energiser Type

Hotline Fire Drake 200, Thunderbird S185B Solar

Include a Fence Tester?

No Fence Tester, Yes Fence Tester

Include a Hot Gate?

No Hot Gate, Yes, a Hot Gate

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