Electric Poultry Netting Kit – 150m

Electric Poultry Netting Kit – 150m




If you want to make your first electric netting purchase as simple as possible then this premium quality electric netting kit is designed for you. It includes everything you need for a complete set up and allows you to free range your poultry without having to worry about predators.

The Net

You will receive 3 rolls of netting as part of this electric netting kit. Each roll is 50m long but you have a choice of three different options. We have a 110cm tall net with 15mm posts, a 120cm tall net with 15mm posts or a 120cm net with 19mm posts.

Each roll has 12 horizontal strands of which 11 are electrified. The top strand is 80% stronger than the rest of the strands to ensure your netting maintains its integrity. You can connect either or both ends of the fence to the energiser. You can likewise set the net in either a straight line or looped back to form an enclosed area. If you want to form longer runs then the fence lengths can easily be connected together. Each 50m net incorporates 15 plastic posts with steel dual-prong feet, a repair kit, warning sign, corner support guys and bottom strand pegs to keep the fence tighter to the ground in undulating areas.

The taller and heavier netting options do come with an additional charge. Please see the checkout for availability and extra cost.

The Energiser

The Thunderbird S75B Solar Energiser is Australian made. As such it can deal with Australian conditions and has sufficient power to charge this net all year round. The Energiser also comes as a complete unit together with a back-up charger cable and connecting clips.

We also include a fully galvanised earth post!

All items in this kit come with a 2 year unconditional warranty.

Additional information

Post Size

1-Standard (110cm high, 13mm posts), 2-Tall (120cm high,13mm posts), 3-Heavy (120cm high,19mm posts)

Energiser Type

3-Thunderbird Black 12km Solar, 5-Thunderbird S75B Solar, 6-Thunderbird S180B Solar

Include a Hot Gate?

No Hot Gate, Yes, a 110cm Hot gate, Yes, a 120cm Hot Gate

Include a Fence Tester?

A-No Fence Tester, Fence Voltage Tester – with LCD Blacklist Screen