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Fault finding in an electric fence

First, you have got to know your fence. If you walk along your fence regularly you will be able to identify faults that you can hear. Normally it is where vegetation is touching the electric fence allowing a short to happen. This results in a loss of power which leads to the fence being ineffective. Faults may also cause other problems, such as interference with telephone lines or weak internet connections.   Causes for faults could include the following: Problems with your main

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Electric Fence and Parts

Let us first look at what an electric fence is. An energizer generates high voltage impulses between its two output terminals by means of wires (different types to choose from).  The impulse is very brief and is repeated every 1 to 2 seconds. The fence design is intended to connect the animal to these two output terminals through these fencing wires. When the electrical impulse passes through a muscle in the animal it stimulates the muscle to contract. If you have not

The dummies guide to a Electric Fence Energisers

An electric fence energiser is a device used to control an electrical pulse sent along a fence from a power source, usually battery or mains 240v power. The energiser uses capacitors to store the charge and releases it down the fence line or live wire. When a grounded object such as an animal or plant is touching the fence an electrical stream flows through the body of the object and back through the ground to the earth return terminal of