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Thunderbird Energisers for the Hobby Farmer and the Professional Stockman

Thunderbird energiser manufacturing is an Australian success story. Manufactured in Mudgee NSW, their energisers power the Australian electric fence market and they have managed to keep multinational competitors at bay.

We are big supporters of their products and are proud to combine Thunderbird Energiser units with our high quality electric netting which is all imported from Germany. This means we can offer you an unrivalled number of product options – everything from “Heavy Duty” poulty netting for the professional free range chicken farmer to lighter grade “Standard” poultry netting for the urban hobby block – all powered by Thunderbird Energiser units.

How does poultry netting stop predators?

Poultry netting is made from polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (apart from the bottom base line). The net is mounted on PVC posts. To ‘charge’ the poultry netting a Thunderbird energiser is connected to the net and to the ground via an earth stake. This forms an open circuit. When the predator touches the poultry netting they close the curcuit and get the electric shock. This shock frightens the predator away as they have no understanding of what just happened to them.

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Thunderbird Energiser Options - Selected Products

S340B 35km Solar Thunderbird Energiser

The S340B Thunderbird Solar Electric Fence Energiser is capable of powering up to 35km of normal fencing wire. If you are interested in buying this as part of an electric netting kit, please contact us as we will need to put together a custom quote based on your farming plans and individual requirement.

  • 12V solar panel mounted for portability
  • 12V battery leads and clips supplied
  • Large fencing applications
  • Battery not included – Operates off an external 12V battery
S340B 35km Solar Thunderbird Energiser

S75B 10km Solar Thunderbird Energiser

  • Large easy to view LCD
  • O-Ring sealed case
  • Fully portable – internal battery included
  • Fence leads and main recharger are supplied
  • Coated electronics, resin sealed
  • Magnetic switch – no holes through case.
  • Designed to slide straight over a steel star post for mounting.
  • Convenient strong moulded carry handle for easy portability.
  • Super fast to install, large easy to use knobs.
  • Ideal mould angle to maximise solar collection.
  • Low battery warning – lets you know when to mains recharge.
  • Fence and Earth leads supplied with insulated grips.
  • The mains charger port is covered – keeps the weather out.
  • Low and high power levels for battery conservation.
  • Mains battery charger for internal battery included – charges overnight during bad weather.

A great Thunderbird Energiser option, so click through and purchase today.

S75B 10km Solar Thunderbird Energiser