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Goat Fencing for the Backyard Goat Keeper and the Professional Farmer

We are the Australian specialist in all things to do with goat fencing. Our goat fencing is all imported from Germany and we offer an unrivalled number of product options – everything from “Stiffened” goat fencing for the professional free range goatn farmer to lighter grade “Standard” goat fencing for the urban hobby block.

How does goat fencing stop predators getting in and goats getting out?

Goat fencing is made from polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (apart from the bottom base line). The net is mounted on PVC posts. To ‘charge’ the goat fence an energiser is connected to the net and to the ground via an earth stake. This forms an open circuit. When the predator or the goat touches the fence they close the curcuit and get an electric shock. This shock frightens them as they have no understanding of what just happened. Both subsequently stay away from the fence.

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Goat Fencing - Selected Products

Goat Fencing – 50m ``Stiffened`` Fence

When it comes to goat fencing we are Australia’s leading specialist importer. We have an unrivalled set of options to make sure that your goat fencing suits your personal requirements.

Perhaps uniquely in Australia, we offer a product which is known as “Stiffened” goat fencing. Goats are normally pastured in rough terrain or in paddocks with significant numbers of obstacles. In these conditions normal goat netting can tend to sag due to the uneven way in which the posts are placed in the ground.

In order to try and avoid these issues our “Stiffened” goat fencing is made with much thicker vertical wires. These wires are made from plastic (rather than twine) and is simlar in stiffness to the ink holder inside a biro. This thicker vertical part of the net assists in keeping the goat fencing off the ground which stops the goat fencing from earthing out.

This makes it the perfect goat fencing for the professional goat business or if you live on rough terrain and are using your goats to clear the undergrowth. To buy now or investigate your other options click on the link below.

Electric Goat Fencing Stiffened Fence

Electric Goat Fencing – 50m

If you are on flatter terrian and not heading off into rougher areas then you should find that standard goat fencing will be sufficient. Our standard goat fencing measures 105cm tall and comes with a single prong to make pushing it into the ground very easy. Two rolls of 50m each will enclose an area of over 600 square meters which is a great size for a few head of stock

Like our other goat fencing, the 50m standard roll is made in Germany. To protect your stock from predators, or to just keep the stock where they need to be goat fencing is the ideal choice. So click through and purchase today.

Electric Goat Fencing 50m