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If you are looking for an electric fence kit then you have come to the right place. We are the leading Australian importer of all poultry related fence kits. All of our netting is imported from Germany and we combine this with genuine Australian-made fence energisers from Thunderbird in Mudgee NSW.

Our kits come in an unrivalled number of product options – everything from “Heavy Duty” poulty fencing, to light grade goat fencing. We stock the full range of Thunderbird Solar Energisers to power any kit.

So how does this kit stop predators?

Poultry and Goat netting is made from polyurethane with metal filaments running through the horizontal strands (apart from the bottom base line). PVC posts are part of the kit and hold the net in position. To ‘charge’ the poultry netting an energiser is connected to the net and to the ground via an earth stake. This forms an open circuit. When the predator touches any part of the net they close the curcuit and get the electric shock. This shock frightens the predator away as they have no understanding of what just happened to them.

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Selected Products

Electric Fencing Kit - Poultry 25m

The smallest kit that we offer if the 25m kit for poultry. This kit is the one you select if you only have half a dozen chooks to contain. This kit is often used by vege gardeners to keep the chickens in a certain patch for a certain period of time. It’s also a great way to keep the dogs away from the chooks!

The electric fence kit contains the following items –

  1. A 25m roll of poultry netting – 120cm tall, double prong posts
  2. An earth stake
  3. A Thunderbird Solar Energiser.

When you click through to the description of the electric fence kit, you will notice that it is possible to upgrade the energiser to a more powerful unit or add a “hot gate” for ease of access.

To buy now or investigate these options click on the link below.

Electric Fence Kit 25m

Electric Poultry Fence Kit - Poultry 100m

Probably our most popular electric fence kit is the 100m poultry netting kit. This kit allows the enclosure of just over 600 square metres of space which is a big space for around 100 or more chickens. The electric fence kit contains the following items –

  1. 2 x 50m rolls of poultry netting – 110 or 120cm tall, double prong posts
  2. An earth stake
  3. A Thunderbird Solar Energiser.

This electric fence kit is completely customisable. You have a choice of different fence heights, post thicknesses and energisers. Probably the most important thing to get righ the first time is to ensure that you purchase an energiser capable of powering the lectric fence kit you plan to have in the long run rather than the one you need today.

To get the best deal on an electric fence kit and customise it according to your needs click through and view your options today.

Electric Fence Kit 100m