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Thunderbird S19B Solar Energiser

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Thunderbird S19B Solar Energiser


This wonderful little Thunderbird energiser is manufactured in Australia to suit Australian conditions. It comes with a built-in battery and a solar cell to recharge your Thunderbird energiser during daylight hours. This model – the S18B – is capable of powering up to 1.5km of normal fencing wire, or up to 25m of electric netting.




The S19B Thunderbird Energiser is capable of powering up to 1.5 km of normal fencing wire,  or 25m of electric netting. Therefore this model is a good starter energiser for those who want a fully portable energiser with enough power to suit a small fencing application.

It is fast and easy to set up. Just take it out of the box and give it an initial charge from the supplied AC mains charger, also useful in the event for poor weather conditions. Green and red output leads are supplied so you do not need anything other than what comes in the box. Fully portable with carry handle and built in battery.

To set it up the the field the unit has a moulding on the back which allows you to slide it onto a star picket. If you don’t have a star picket then you can hang it from a nail on the fence. Set up really is that easy.

The S19B Thunderbird Energiser comes complete with a magnetic switch which means there are no holes through the case. No holes in the case means no water getting in to destroy your circuits and no critters moving in for winter. This gives you confidence that your energiser will go the distance. The charging port is covered and out of the rain.

It has an O-ring sealed case. The unit has Low and High power settings for battery conservation. You can choose which mode to use depending on the threat and the environment. Additionally the system adjusts power output in accordance with solar collection. It is smart enough to draw maximum life from the battery rather than running quickly down to empty.

And finally, the S19B Thunderbird Energiser makes a pulse when it is operating normally and has low battery indicator lights. Everything you need to have full confidence in a 1.5km unit.