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Thunderbird S1760R 135km Solar Energiser

Thunderbird S1760R 135km Solar Energiser

$2,266.00 $2,159.00

The S1760R Thunderbird Solar Electric Fence Energiser is capable of powering up to 135km of normal fencing wire. If you are interested in buying this as part of an electric netting kit, please contact us as we will need to put together a custom quote based on your farming plans and individual requirement.

  • Designed for large fence applications where no mains power is available.
  • Regulator and mounting supplied as standard.
  • Thunderbird’s large solar systems are designed to be connected to an external 12 volt battery.
  • Battery not included.



Note: Deep cycle type batteries are recommended. Solar panel sizes may vary due to geographical locations. Large panels may be required in some areas.

Energisers distances are a guide only. Factors such as proximity of live wire(s) to earth or to other parts of a fence, distance of live wire run underground, thickness of wire and earth condition will affect the effective distance. Thunderbird recommends a minimum distance of 200mm between the live wire(s) and any other conductor, otherwise effective energiser distance is reduced.