Electric Fencing Indicator Light


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Picture this – It is a cold and windy night, your chickens are roosting. Outside you hear the barking of dogs or the call of a fox.

Did you remember to turn on the electric fence the last time you shifted it?

When was the last time you checked?

Has a branch fallen from a tree and knocked the fence over?

The only way to be sure is to go outside and check personally.

Except if you have an Electric Fence Indicator Light. This German made Indicator Light flashes with each pulse of the fence. This allows you to monitor the fence voltage in the dark at long distances. If the energy in the fence starts to drop, then the Indicator will not flash with each pulse, alerting you to a problem with the fence. And of course if the Indicator Light is not flashing at all, then you have a problem and you’ll need to go outside after all.

So, if you purchase an Electric Fence Indicator Light you can monitor the status of your fence from inside your house or at long distances. A great investment in peace of mind.


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