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Andalusian Chickens

The Andalusia chicken originates in the Mediterranean and is still found in some regions although they have become more rare in this part of the world over the years. They are a stunning looking chicken and the breed is an ancient one. These chickens are known for surviving in adverse conditions and love being free to explore. Origin The Andalusian originates from Andalusia, Spain and used to be a lot more common in the Mediterranean than they are today. The true

Ancona Chicken Breed

Ancona – Chicken Breed

The Ancona chicken breed is originally from Italy and named after the port of Ancona. These chickens are usually a mottled black and white in colour and have a single or rose comb. Their legs are yellow and mottled with black and are not feathered. They are available in large fowl and bantam versions and are kept mostly as egg layers. They average around 200 medium to large white eggs per year. They weigh in at around 1.8 to